STEM + Farming

Our Mission

We want to inspire children to design and build an abundant future by teaching them STEM fundamentals in a fun and engaging way.

Our Values

Lifelong learning.
Responsible consumption.

How We Do It

States of flow.
We love learning.
Remember to feed the fish.

Founding Team

Michael Pollock

Passionate about education and automating tasks that humans shouldn’t do. Trying to learn what print(‘hello world’) does. Concerned about how we are going to feed people sustainably on planet earth, and beyond.

Joe Botha

Imagineer, serial entrepreneur, hacker for good, passionate about tech and open source. Podcast nerd, lifelong learner. Types Dvorak. Enjoys Studio Ghibli movies.

Dan Bowyer

I’m super passionate about creating a better world using tech. I’ve enjoyed some spectacular failures and some delightful successes working with 300 or so businesses over the past 20 years. Recently managed or been a shareholder in 12 startups. For pleasure I follow the sun and spend time with my god kids.

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